Chop Shop Classic
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This Week's Shows - Chop Shop Classic

The Chop Shop Classic - This Week's Show

  Show Open
  Bad Motor Scooter Montrose
  You Better Run Pat Benetar
  Featured Guitarist Steve Miller
  Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band
  Return To The Chop Shop
  Rebel Yell Billy Idol
  You Can't Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones
  Live In The Dark Jeff Beck
  Return To The Chop Shop
  Roundabout Yes
  Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top
  Featured Guitarist Steve Miller
  Space Cowboy Steve Miller Band
  Freewill Rush
  Return To The Chop Shop
  Rock & Roll Led Zeppelin
  Welcome To The Jungle Guns N Roses
  Featured Guitarist Steve Miller
  Little Girl Steve Miller Band
  Rock & Roll Never Forgets Bob Seger
  Founding Fathers
  Shine On You Crazy Diamond Steve Lukather
  For Those About To Rock AC/DC
  Chop Shop Unplugged
  Country Feedback (Live) REM (w/Neil Young)
  Revolution The Beatles
  Featured Guitarist Steve Miller
  True Fine Love Steve Miller Band
  My Kinda Lover Billy Squier
  Chop Shop's Top 50 Special Guests
  #27 - Dream On Dio (w/Yngwie Malmsteen)